The Many Methods of Colour to your Furniture

cafe furniture

There are unique demands on café furniture. The heavy usage of tables and chairs at busy cafes and service venues means that your investment must involve a durable finish, so as best to preserve the gloss of the outer paint job, and ensure that many years of service are the norm. This has to also balance the aesthetic preference of your venue.

Powder base coating has been around for a number of years now, and its ability to adhere itself to modern seating with tough efficiency has made it a favourite of seating providers Australia-wide, Café Club included. The notion of powder coating uses magnetically-charged pulverized paint flakes sprayed on to a grounded surface, which quickly adhere to it. The paint itself is then baked on to the surface in a large oven.

This method of painting has gained a great deal of accolades for a number of reasons. The dry flakes which miss the item of furniture are easily recovered, so there is little wastage. There are no aerosols in use, so less damage to the ecosystem, and because of this, the spraying of powder coating requires less containment infrastructure, and is more economical.

The resulting paint coating on the furniture is comparatively bulletproof. Its magnetic quality means it is resistant to scratching and chipping. It is versatile, and available in both high and low gloss finishes across a number of different colours and styles. As a hardwearing and well-presented finish, powder finishes are well worth consideration.

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