3 Key Factors to Selecting the Best Bar Furniture

If you’ve decided to give your bar a facelift, some new commercial hospitality furniture may be the key to success. It’s not as simple as going out and finding a bunch of chairs and table that you like though. You have to consider what suits your individual venue and find the equilibrium between comfort, aesthetics and functionality. As the specialists in cheap cafe chairs, bar tables and stools, Cafe Club can suggest a few things to consider when the times comes to make that all important decision.


This is probably the most important consideration. You’ll find that customers the world over respond well to visually appealing chairs, bar tables and stools. This may be because they complement their surrounds, have a unique style or standout in some way. When deciding on commercial hospitality furniture you should think carefully about the overall style of your venue and how your choice of chairs will work within this space.


It’s one thing for commercial bar stools or chairs to look great, but if they’re uncomfortable, customers will notice very quickly and might not stay as long as they would otherwise. This doesn’t mean you have to provide luxury sofas, but some materials and designs are inherently more or less comfortable than others. Metal or slatted seats, for example, have a tendency to be uncomfortable after extended lengths of time. There is nothing worse than watching customers squirm in discomfort at your venue, but this is easily avoided with a little bit of research.


This aspect may not be of as much importance to customers, but it certainly should be for your venue. Just as your bar or kitchen design places a strong emphasis on practicality, so too should your chairs, bar tables and stools. Hospitality furniture gets moved constantly – by venue staff, customers and cleaning staff – so heavy or bulky furniture is inconvenient and impractical. Heavy chairs that can’t be stacked are of particular annoyance in venues that need to pack up their furniture each day.

Fortunately Cafe Club has selected our extensive range of commercial hospitality furniture with all these factors in mind, making your final decision that much easier. Whether you want bar stools in Melbourne, dry bar tables in Sydney or cafe chairs in Brisbane, with the Cafe Club range you can be sure that we’ve already thought about style, comfort and functionality, making your choice that much easier.

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