For the Love of Breakfast

Somewhere in the recent past, Brisbane began to get really excited about its morning ritual.

Breakfast cafes in Queensland’s capital have exploded in recent years. If it can be reasonably eaten before ten in the morning, you can bet a venue nearby can do it. And having a climate amenable to outdoor seating year-round doesn’t hurt either.

This love of the day’s first meal has been compounded by a particular trend within Australia: a coffee hysteria. Our own particular take on the brew was influenced by Italian espresso makers back in the pre-war era, and we have never looked back. Nearly every venue in Brisbane has a skilled barista on permanent retainer, should anyone’s caffeine content sink below normal.

Brisbane’s pre-noon hospitality, then, is on the rise. And at Café Club, our café chairs have become the choice of these operators to provide proper seating for their sleepy-eyed patrons. If there ever was a meal in which proper seating is needed, it is at breakfast: who hasn’t felt a tinge delicate before work? Luckily, our lineup of café chairs fits the bill perfectly in Brisbane, appealing to both outdoor and indoor venues.

This two-way usage is what has set us apart. Brisbane weather is not easy on furniture. The blasting UV is countered by the driving rain of a sudden thunderstorm, and outdoor furniture can take a beating. Our range of café-oriented chairs and tables are built and treated to last in this rough environment, despite the best efforts of the elements.

As Brisbane’s favourite seating firm, we bid you good morning.

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