Sitting Tall with Dry Bars

 Being versatile is a key attribute to café and bar furniture. Maintaining the ability to move and adjust your setup, without being confined by furniture and chair combination incompatibility, can make it far easier to achieve a new look in any café, restaurant, or bar.

Dry bar tables fit this bill. Sitting at nearly the exact height of an actual bar, they are able to serve a twofold purpose. They can provide indoor or outdoor platforms for both standing areas, during crowded times, and seated areas, using the same bar stools you already have.

The perks continue with an easily washed surfacing and a light construction, able to withstand years of use, while portable enough to be easily shifted around the café. Convenient braces serve as footbars for your patrons, making them nearly as comfortable as your seated areas.

Available in two styled wood models and a rugged polished aluminium, our three dry bar tables (or high tables) are built to the industry standard and beyond. They are built for style, without sacrificing ease of cleaning and moving.

At Café Club, our dry bar tables match up with the legendary quality and workmanship exhibited by all of our café furniture. If you’re in need of a versatile and well-crafted addition to your furniture arsenal, give us a call!

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