The Classic Café Table

Your furniture has a tough task: it has to match the motif of the entire establishment. Your vibe must be accentuated by the furnishings, because while many people won’t notice an excellent match with your café tables and their surroundings, they will surely notice a sore mismatch.

At Café Club, we take pride in offering a huge variety of the crème de la crème of café tables. In a burgeoning hospitality market, something that is increasingly found throughout Australia’s urban landscapes, you need your furniture to stand out, in order to distinguish your café from the rest. Sub-par furnishings are almost immediately noticed, and will work against you.

Our varieties of wood tops on our café tables, from beech to acacia to oak, are complimented perfectly with our even larger variety of bases. We have a fixation on letting our clients find the most suitable table for their establishment.

We have square tops, rectangle tops, and circular tops. They are mounted on solid frames or foldable frames, made of wood, aluminium, or stainless steel. The list is a long one, but then, there are a lot of different cafes in Australia these days. When you’re ready to find the furniture that best suits yours, Café Club is ready for you.

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