Café Interior Design

The design of your café is one of its most vital components. Humans are very visually oriented and will often, consciously or otherwise, select a venue solely based on a quick glance. As such, it is vital that your coffee shop is inviting to customers. Interior design varies greatly around the world and within Australia, but successful cafes tend to share a warm, cosy atmosphere. Your selection of café furniture in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane will go a long way to creating your desired environment and Café Club has everything you need in this department.

While a warm, inviting atmosphere is vital in a café, there is little else to restrain you when it comes to designing your space. It goes without saying that the space needs to be practical at a service level, but otherwise the sky is the limit. You can create real character through your selection of wall decorations, cutlery, cups and plates, and of course through your selection of café furniture.

Some proprietors run with a theme and this extends to their cups, plates and cutlery. A café with a modern take on the canteen, for example, may opt for simple, modern, industrial style serving trays and tin mugs. This can be paired nicely with the functional yet cheap café chairs of Scandinavian design that Café Club stock.

Many cafes opt for a more traditional tearoom feel, with an emphasis on homeliness and comfort. A simple but elegant Vienna chair or relaxing wicker chair will likely suit these venues. Inner city cafes, with high turnovers and limited space may prefer to maximise the practicality of their café furniture. Lighter, stackable chairs might best suit these establishments. Others still, may take an eclectic approach to design, with mismatched cutlery and plates, splashes of colour throughout the venue and a range of seating and table options.

Whatever your design ideas, Café Club has tables, stools and café chairs for Sydney, Melbourne and beyond that are sure to suit your tastes. We have a comprehensive range of all café furniture items to match the unique, sometimes wild, ideas that owners frequently have.

If your design is visually arresting, yet retains the warmth common to coffee shops, you will be a long way to becoming a popular venue. Your café furniture plays a significant role and Café Club is the Australian specialist in this department. Browse our online catalogue to see how our café furniture could fit into your venue aspirations.

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