In our last blog we discussed some of the key factors you should look out for when choosing hospitality furniture. There is a lot to consider though, and we felt the topic was worthy of a second look. As such, we’ve compiled another list of selection criteria that may come in handy when you are browsing options for café furniture in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia.

All the style in the world doesn’t count for much if your hospitality furniture isn’t also comfortable. If you want your customers to stay longer and enjoy themselves more at your venue, it is important that you make them as comfortable as possible. This is particularly true when it comes to commercial restaurant furniture, as it may dictate a customer’s overall dining experience. Consider how long an average customer spends at your venue and think about what seating options are appropriate in such a situation.

Successful hospitality venues are often ones that stand out in some way. This may be because of their location or architecture, an unusual theme that permeates throughout or interesting furniture. Think about how your new hospitality furniture will fit into the overall scheme or grand design of your business. Adding character doesn’t necessitate buying the most outrageous dry bar tables or café chairs in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney though. Hospitality furniture of a simple design might be the most welcoming for your particular venue. Some business owners include an eclectic mix of seating and tables in order to give their venue personality, while other might choose hospitality furniture that stands out through juxtaposition with its surrounds.

A budget, by its very definition, is always a restricting factor and will inevitably influence your hospitality furniture choice. Once you have taken into account the other considerations we have listed in these two blogs, you should have a good idea just how well suited any given piece of furniture is to your venue and whether it falls within your budget. Those outfitting entire venues obviously need to work out a budget for the entire project and this may have substantial bearing on the furniture selected.

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right hospitality furniture, but fortunately Café Club has done a lot of it for you. All our chairs, bar tables and stools in our in stock furniture range is selected based on these and other criteria, so whatever you end up choosing, it is sure to be great fit for your venue.

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Just because you might be instantly attracted to a piece of furniture doesn’t necessarily mean it is the ideal fit for your venue. There is more to choosing appropriate hospitality furniture than good looks alone, and Café Club want to offer you a few tips that will help you go about selecting what will work best in your venue.

Functionality is one of the key factors anyone considering café, restaurant or commercial bar furniture should take into account before buying. What will work for you depends on your unique venue and needs. Those of you, for example, who need to constantly move their hospitality furniture will likely prefer lighter weight or space saving options, such as stackable chairs. Others may opt for denser structures to create a sense of permanence and style. Particularly busy venues might be best served by round tables that allow more movement, while smaller venues might want to utilise corner spaces with square tables. There are countless variables, but if you think about your space and how you want it to be used, the type of furniture you need should become evident.

Whatever your choice though, it is vital that your hospitality furniture is hard wearing. There is never a dull moment in this industry and your chairs and tables will hopefully see plenty of use over the years. It is important then, that durability is at the top of your list when it comes to choosing hospitality furniture. Buying quality restaurant, bar and café furniture in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond ensures that you don’t have to repeat the process sooner than you’d like.

The finish of any piece of hospitality furniture is important and particularly so with those that incorporate wood in their design. The stain or colour of a stool, chair or table can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the furniture and, by extension, your venue. White or pastel coloured café furniture, for example, can help create a warm, friendly atmosphere, while a black coat of paint or colour emphasises modernity.

These are just a few of the design and construction aspects you should consider when choosing café, bar or commercial restaurant furniture. Café Club has certainly taken these aspects into account when selecting our in stock furniture, so you can be sure of the quality and functionality of all our products.

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Few things in the hospitality industry are consistent or reliable. Customers, staff, suppliers and virtually every other aspect of your business are liable to let you down every now and then. One thing you should always be able to rely on though, is your hospitality furniture. Café Club ensure that you always have aesthetically pleasing and functional café tables, dry bar tables and stools.

Design is an important aspect of all hospitality furniture and tables are no exception. Whatever your particular venue style, it is important to have tables that add to the décor and atmosphere. Whether you want a French Riviera style café table or prefer the raw, natural look of industrial dry bar tables, Café Club has the hospitality furniture for you.

Aesthetics is not enough in the bustling world of hospitality though, and all furniture must be functional and durable. Restaurant, bar or café tables certainly require these features. The entire range available from Café Club is manufactured with ease and convenience in mind. Each table is easy to clean and durable, able to handle everything you, your staff and your customers put them through on a daily basis.

Many hospitality venues have outdoor areas, so Café Club offer tables that are equally useful outside as they are indoors. Each Café Club bar or café table is strong enough to withstand the elements and can make street-side or garden bar seating all the more attractive.

One of the greatest frustrations for any hospitality customer is a wobbly or unstable table. If your current tables fall into this category, Café Club has a range of sturdy, strong and adjustable wholesale table bases. This allows you to either keep those table tops you are attached to, or select a new look from our range. You can mix and match base and top style to ensure you get the exact look you want.

Better still, Café Club stock ex-rentals and sale hospitality furniture, so you can get superbly designed, low maintenance café tables, dry bar tables, and stools or seating to match at reduced prices.

Great tables can go a long way toward making your venue feel warm and attractive to guests. The ideal table should look stunning, offer stability to customers and convenience to staff. Café Club considers all of these aspects and more when we are deciding what products to stock, so all you need to do is select the best fit for your venue.

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The design of your café is one of its most vital components. Humans are very visually oriented and will often, consciously or otherwise, select a venue solely based on a quick glance. As such, it is vital that your coffee shop is inviting to customers. Interior design varies greatly around the world and within Australia, but successful cafes tend to share a warm, cosy atmosphere. Your selection of café furniture in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane will go a long way to creating your desired environment and Café Club has everything you need in this department.
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Selecting hospitality furniture that will best bring out the intended atmosphere of your venue can be surprisingly complicated. Dimensions, colour, style and budget must all be taken into account. All too often, people end up with ill-fitting café tables, bar tables and stools because they didn’t put enough thought into it, were overwhelmed by the options or were persuaded by a skillful salesman or saleswoman.
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