There is no doubt that Melbournians have a great love and appreciation for hospitality venues. Home to some of the most iconic eateries, bars and live music events; you will never experience a dull night out in this great city.

As a venue operator in Melbourne, having quality furniture is a must. Not only does it ensure that your patrons are comfortable when they are seated, it also encourages them to stay longer and enjoy the atmosphere. Café Club is the leader in stylish and sturdy bar stools and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products that everyone will love.

We offer a great range to all café’s, bars and restaurants in Melbourne. The furniture that you invest in should be made to last, which is why our bar stools are specifically designed to suit both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you need counter height or a more traditional barstool, we have a range of furnishings to suit any establishment.

The last thing you should be worried about is replacing broken furniture in your establishment. Melbourne is known as the food capital of Australia and when patrons sit down to enjoy a meal they want to be comfortable while they indulge in the chef’s specialty.

Café Club delivers to all major cities in Australia and ships your furniture directly to your business. With exceptional customer service and reliable couriers, your brand new furniture will arrive in perfect condition and ready for years of use. For further information about our furniture, contact the team at Café Club.

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Happy Hour is the best time of the day. There is nothing better than leaving the workplace, going to a bar and sipping on a few quiet beers. The key to enjoying a pot of goodness is the furniture. Sitting back on a comfortable bar stool with sufficient table space is the choice in comfort when enjoying a beverage.

Your venue is an escape for your patrons. They want to unwind and forget about the working week with a cold beer and chicken parmigiana. Stories are shared around the table as the drinks keep flowing. Whether your business is a bar, pub or nightclub, the furniture must complement the space and furnishings of the venue. With a range of sturdy, and unique table designs, the stories will continue for years to come.

As a specialist in bar tables and stools, Café Club has all your hospitality venue needs. Good, quality products are important to both your business and your patrons. Furniture that resonates with your venue gives off a vibe that you want your patrons to feel.

Strong, durable seating is a must for any venue, so you can guarantee that Café Club bar stools are built to last. Ergonomically designed in array of colours and styles, our range of furnishings will perfectly complement the interior of your venue. Whether you require seating for an indoor or outdoor environment, our bar tables and stools will with stand the usual wear and tear of regular use.

When choosing quality bar tables and stools for your venue, CafeClub has all the furniture your business needs at prices that you’ll love. With delivery available all around Australia, your new furnishings will arrive on time in perfect condition. Contact us at Café Club for all your furnishing needs.

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Have you been to a restaurant or a bar and got a certain ‘vibe’ from that place? If you answered in the affirmative, you are not alone, and as such you probably want to tell everybody about that place or tag yourself on Facebook for others to see.

One of the biggest indicators that is sometimes overlooked in creating that vibe at your bar or restaurant is the furniture. Good, quality café furniture plays a key role when creating a vibe for patrons. Remember, when choosing your furniture, put yourself in your patron’s shoes and look at how the furniture fits in with the theme of your establishment. Ask yourself, “If I was to come in and have a meal or order a sit-down coffee, would I want to sit on that chair or bar stool and eat at that table?” Patrons want to be comfortable and when they come into your business and you will be amazed at how well a good café table or bar table and stool helps to create that level of comfort for your patrons.

So why am I getting so carried away about the furniture? Well firstly, you want to ensure that the furniture you invest in is worth the investment. There’s no point in purchasing commercial bar furniture or dry bar tables if they are not going to last in your establishment. The last thing you want to be doing is replacing a bar stool that you only purchased 6 months ago and the seat has deteriorated so badly that it’s a health and safety hazard.

The second reason I have discussed the furniture in great length is because it is where your patrons gather to enjoy a meal or drink. They want to be comfortable at the table or on their chair while enjoying a catch up with friends. Having furniture that is comfortable for your patrons and fits in with the theme of your establishment will have a positive impact on your patron’s experience.

Whether you’re just starting out in the hospitality industry or you’ve been around for a while, Cafeclub has range of hospitality furniture to suit your business needs. Whether you’re after a new and modern design, or prefer more contemporary and sophisticated styles, Cafeclub offers you comfortable café furniture at prices you can afford.

From bar stools and chairs to high tables and tabletops, Cafeclub has all your furniture needs and all our products are built to last.

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There’s a huge range of cafe furniture available these days. The imagination of designers is almost boundless, and technological advances and innovation have made the manufacturing process more efficient than ever before. Within this huge range of table, chairs and stools, you can however break the furniture into two broad but distinct categories – modern and traditional.

When we refer to traditional, we are doing so in a stylistic sense. Seating and tables that are traditional in a more literal sense are impractical as hospitality furniture, as they have a tendency to be heavy yet fragile and difficult to clean or move around. Our range of cafe furniture for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane venues may be traditional in look and feel, but the styles are manufactured to modern standards, designed to offer durability and convenience in fast paced environments.

If there is one characteristic we associate with traditional hospitality furniture it is natural appeal. Natural material, particularly timber and natural colours such as tan and brown can certainly go a long way to creating a traditional feel in your venue and complementing the other decor elements. Stylistically, the primary attraction of many venue owners to traditional hospitality furniture is the timeless quality they often exude. If a certain design has stood the test of time up to this point, there is no reason why it won’t continue to do so.

Australia’s urban centres, particularly our large cities, are cultural and artistic hubs with thriving cafe scenes. Competition is often fierce between the various venues and one of the most effective ways to stand out is through contemporary and stylish hospitality furniture. Some characteristics of modern furniture include the use of industrial materials such as metal and plastic, practical design and lightweight construction. Most noticeable though, are the bold colours and dynamic designs that are so often used in modern settings.

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In these days of social media anyone can be a reviewer or a critic. This is particularly true in the hospitality industry where the experiences of diners and drinkers are often posted online in realtime or very soon after the patron has left a venue. With this in mind, it is essential that hospitality venue owners and managers ensure every aspect of their business is of the highest standard and their customers are satisfied. This will obviously include the quality of service and the food and beverages on offer. Another important consideration that is sometimes overlooked though, is hospitality furniture and your selection of café chairs for Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane venues is one way you can give your clientele a positive and memorable experience.

Style is of great importance to many people who frequent cafes, restaurants and bars. Hospitality owners have been responsive to this and are placing increasing importance of the design aspects of their business. Even the smallest hospitality venue needs quite a few chairs and larger establishments may require hundreds. The design of your bar, restaurant or café chairs in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne will stand out by virtue of their number. And if they are going to stand out, you may as well make them stand out in the best way possible. Café Club has a fantastic range of well-designed and superbly manufactured cheap café chairs. Whether you want a bright and bold look, understated elegance or a unique talking point, Café Club has an option that will say a lot about your venue and the image you want to put forward.

Comfort (or lack thereof) is another popular subject of venue criticism. The best coffee or friendliest service won’t mask back twisting or bum numbing café chairs in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. Whether you opt for wood, wicker or plastic, the Café Club range of cheap café chairs are all manufactured with the human body in mind.

Great design and practical application needn’t come at an extortionate price. Our range of cheap café chairs start at under $50 and every style is extremely competitively priced. Some great looking, comfortable and functional chairs will put all your patrons at ease and positively influence their experience at your venue. Have a look through the Café Club range of stylish and cheap café chairs in our product range and find a design that will keep even the harshest critics happy.

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